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I have been drawing for a long time but since I have entered middle school I have been finding I can draw perspectives and other things like that to create more full and popping pictures. Typically when I’m bored I draw small sketches which I think really improved my drawing skills which overall helped me a lot on my painting.

First you had to cut the wood and once it was all cut to the right length and the right angle on the ends you had to glue it. I used wood glue on all four corners and held it together with a clamp.

After all of the glue was dry I cut my piece of canvas and stapled it to the wood using a powerful staple gun.

Later I had to put some water on the back of the canvas to tighten the canvas to the wood so that the canvas would stay flat.

I had to start with making an imprimatura which is what I’m working on here. An imprimatura is the beginning of a painting and later on you paint over it.

After a few weeks of painting I had finished with most of my darker colors so I’m marking this the halfway point of my painting. The yellow orange and red blended very well to create a great sky and the beginning of my rainbow ocean.

This is the final product. The sand is a gold color to hopefully make it pop at the end of the rainbow ocean, the pink sun kind of blends in with the oranges. I feel like the rainbow ocean blended very well and turned out very pretty.

This is one of my sketches, it is a cracked diamond. Even though it’s cracked it still shines.

This is a dice. It is a cube, and this is a possible roll you can have. I drew this because I love dice and games with dice.