Snowboarding GIF

This GIF was created using Gimp Image Editor. It depicts a snowboarder going over a jump. I started with a solid background and made over two hundred copies of it. Then, I made a snowboarder slowly moving forward every frame, and it ended up like this. The hardest movement to capture was the moment the snowboarder went down the jump, where he gains speed. To do this, I drew the snowboarder farther forward every frame, making it seem like he was speeding up. I was pretty satisfied with the end result, considering I had a limited time period and had to draw over two hundred snowboarders.

This is the prospectus for my oil painting. I named it Manitou, the name is the snow hill at Cascade Mountain that it was modeled after. My prospectus depicts a snowy hill with a big sun and trees lining the sides.

The first step of making my painting was cutting the wood with the hand saw. I planned on making my canvas over three feet but then changed my dimensions to 18x28 inches. My canvas is a rectangular landscape. To make the rectangle I cut two 28 inch wood pieces with a 45 degree angle on each end and then did the same for the two 18 inch wood pieces.

The second step is to glue your canvas pieces together. You can use the canvas holder/clamps to keep things together and straight once it's glued. I used wood glue to glue the pieces together.