Daisy’s Art Gallery

My name is Daisy and I like to draw sunsets,moons, dolphins, and stars. In this end of the year art project. I combined two of my drawings in this painting to create it. I combined both of these drawings because I thought it would look nice . The background of my drawing looks like space or a galaxy. This is because the two people hugging are in their own little world. They’re showing how much they care, and appreciate each other. The reason because it says best friends on top of the two people hugging is because when most people walk by my painting. They will normal say are you sure they’re just friends. I always say yes and nothing more. I say this because two people of the opposite gender can be best friends and not want to date or anything like that. If you would like to see the process of how I made this painting scroll down.

I used these two drawings and combined them to create my painting.