Gwen’s Wonderful Art Gallery

Artist Statement

My name Gwen. I’ve never really enjoyed Art Class because I’m more of an athletic type of person, but this project was actually fun. Over the past three years Dr. Maynord has taught us a lot of skills to help with this final painting. The only things that I ever really enjoyed sketching were flowers and random objects. I like to sketch random things that don’t exist or flowers because they are easy. To see my sketches over the years and the process of our oil painting, please scroll down below.

The first step of our process was to sketch our painting.

Then after we finished the sketch, we measured wood for our canvas and cut it. Then after we finished cutting we glued the canvas. To the right is what my canvas looked like when it was drying.

After we finished gluing the wood, we moved onto the canvas stretching. We had to cut out canvas from a roll of canvas then stretch and staple it onto the wood. Then after we stretched it we put water on the back to tighten it. To the right is after the canvas was stapled to the wood and tighten by the water.

After we finished the first part of the process, we started the actual painting with an imprimatura. To the right is the finished imprimatura along with the leaves being painted green.

After we finished the imprimatura, we started the oil painting process. Dr. Maynord had us make Munsell Value Chroma Chart. A Munsell Value Chroma Chart is a chart of colors that go from light to dark or dark to light. It was to help us practice mixing oils which we would have to do for our painting. To the right is some of the colors I mixed for the chart. The finished product was lost.

Finally after all that work we got to start the oil painting process. To the right is not the finished product yet, but it is mostly done. The only things left were highlighting, the moon, the stars, and painting over white spots.

Now to the right is the finished product.

My Sketches

In Art Class, Dr. Maynord had us sketch a friend and this is my drawing of Jocelyn. I used pencil and paper. It’s called “Ashleee” after her.