Artist Statement

My Name is Jocelyn. In the beginning of middle school, let’s just say that Art class wasn’t my favorite. As the years went by, I started to enjoy Art class. I got really into drawing. I usually drew something that I found on the Internet, but I would also draw Henna flowers. These were flowers that had a lot more detail put into them. I then started getting into painting and was really excited to start the big painting. We went through a lot of steps to get to the final painting that you will see. You will see pictures of the process, descriptions that go with it, and sketches that I’ve drawn over the years.


The Process of the Painting

This is my sketch for my painting. We had to sketch it first so we could use it for the imprimatura. The final painting doesn’t look exactly look like this, but it is similar.

This is the imprimatura and the start of the mountains. The imprimatura is a guideline for the paint. The imprimatura was made from burnt sienna oil paint and artist thinner.

The sky for my painting was like a rainbow of colors. The beginning was and orange to red gradient with a bit of yellow.