This year was my final year of art. I have learned a lot about art in the last three years here. My two favorite types of art are pointillism and duo-tone.
To the right is my animated GIF. I hope you enjoy my website.
In the beginning of my art project we had to cut wood to make a frame. It took me a very long time to make my frame because I was one of the last to cut my wood.
After that, I had to glue my wood and let my frame dry.
Then I had to put a canvas on my frame. First I had to measure the frame and the canvas so it would fit well. Then I stapled the canvas so it would stay.
Then we had to do the imprimatura. That is what you do before painting the canvas, it is like sketching but with paint that you can erase with oil.  imprimatura
This is my final painting. painting
This is my video.
Click on the right for my video.