3d name's Art Gallery

Hello and welcome to my presentation of art! I have spent my eighth grade collecting a wide variety of art. I have created both digital and physical art. Here Is my virtual gallery of art.


Here are some assorted sketches I have collected over the eighth grade.

A sketch of a trio of crewmates from Among Us.
A sketch of the dreaded monster from the famous roll playing game Dungeons and Dregons.
A sketch of Michalangelo's sculpture Brudis.
A sketch of an ork with a helmet.
 An oil pastel sketch that I moved left to right to create a wavey effect.



Here is a GIF that I created in class!


Oil Painting

In the last few months of the eighth grade, I have created an oil painting.

What I was trying to bring out was a mountainous zone where there was a winding river snaking through the mountains.

There would be a smattering of pine trees spread about the canvas.

Instead of taking my word for it, see these pictures of the various stages of completion

This is a photo of basic colors and shapes on the canvas.
In this picture I added streaks of lighter color to the hills to add effects.
I added trees, and a muddy bank effect to my river.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Let's slow down a bit...
Let's talk about why we make art in the first place...

Why do you create art...
The answer is more elusive then it seems.
You can create art to leave a legacy.
Between you and me...
Most of the kids in my class created because they had to.
You can create to make money, by selling what you make.

I create art simply for the fun of it.
The stress of every brushstroke.
The simplicity of doodling stick-people on your spelling assignment.
I am in awe of the art masters, Bob Ross, Michelangelo, and all of the greats.
I mostly doodle little scenes with stick people on already typed on pieces of paper.
I am also a "budding percussionist."
or at least my Mom says...
But I am also starting to paint plastic miniatures for the game Warhammer40k.
It is a game where you collect, assemble, and paint armies of plastic miniatures, and then wage battle against other people's collections.
But back to art. I believe that a lot of different things can be art.
Music is art.
Nature is art.
Sculpting, painting, sketching, forging, taking photos...
These are all forms of creative expression that can be put under the label of "art."
Art is simply taking an idea and running wild with it.
The freedom of a blank canvas, lump of clay, unpainted plastic. The very brainstorming of ideas of what to create is wild.
In conclusion...
You probably have places to be and I tend to ramble.
I like art because it gives the artist the freedom to do whatever they want.
It gives them complete and utter control over whatever they are doing.

Thank you so much for taking time to view my virtual art gallery!