Ben's Art Page

Artist Statement

I don't consider myself the most artistic person
but I did enjoy doing some of the sketches and
painting the canvas.

Vector Graphics

This is a progression of  my sketches that I started
in 6th grade and finished in 8th grade. The ones in the
beginning are from 6th grade, the ones in the middle
are from 7th grade, and the ones at the end are from
8th grade.

first step
After I sawed out the pieces of wood I glued them
together using a clamp that wrapped around the pieces
of wood.

second step
After I glued the wood I stapled the canvas on using a
staple gun. I then put water on back of it to make it

After I stapled the canvas on, I did a first layer of
paint called an imprimatura.
final product
This is the final product after I put all the layers of
paint on. I used 7 different colors of paints.

sunset gif
This is a GIF of the sunset over the beach.