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My Artist Statement
When I look at art my favorite thing to do with it is to think about what it says to me. I've never been great at art but it is still fun to do and it is an easy way to express what I love and what I'm feeling with my emotions. It's a great way to show what I love to do, my faith, my family, and my emotions. I hope you all enjoy my art as much as I do even though it might not be the best.

My Animated GIF

Some Of My Sketches From The Past Year

The Process Of Me Creating My Oil Painting

This is the initial sketch of my painting.

This is me cutting the wood for my canvas with a miter saw.

This is the wood when it is all cut.

This is the wood being glued together so I can put the canvas on.

This is the painting halfway completed after the canvas has been stapled on and stretched to the wood with water.


This is the final completed oil painting!

Hope You Enjoyed My Webpage!