Emily's Art Page

I like art because it's a type of way to express your feelings - also
you can improve your art skill.  I really improved my with Dr. Maynord's help and also my friends help. Art is also a beautiful way to let out things you have inside. 
I really love art and i enjoy spending time with my friends and Dr. Maynord working on fun art projects he teaches us.

This is my animated GIF.
This is oil paint I made it with Dr. Maynords help
and also all of my friends help.
This is a sketch that I made for Halloween to show my
This is another sketch I made in my free time.
These were some drawing I was going to turn into stickers.
This one I also made for Halloween to show Dr. Maynord.
This is my self portrait I made it in art class.
It took a while but I got it done.