Lili's Web Page

This is a web page where I show my art work. I do artby heart so I can be creative by my intuition. So I learnedit all by myself. I do very  creative pictures and art. The art comes from my mind, then I do the art by the paper.  I can do the art,again and again.  I do a lot of art by listening to people.

So they influence my art.


The above art is a symbol of music. I really enjoy this art.
It took a lot of time to do it.

I do my art with people so they can be happy.  I can make art by showing love for people. I help people including family and friends.  I share my feelings over time. It is good to make art.   

My Painting

This is my painting.

It is a water and rain forest with flowers, yellow and red and that is time.


This is my drawing of a spider.

Vector Self Portrait


By Lili Cerrato