Aurelia’s Art Gallery

This is a website of my journey of how I made my oil painting to see my favorite art pieces I've drawn just scroll down.

Artist statement

Hi my name is Aurelia and this is my journey on making my oil painting from scratch. I stretched my own canvas and I cut my own wood. I did it all my self. I have been drawing art ever since I was little. My painting is inspired by the fact that I love any thing that has aliens on it. And I have this sweater that had aliens on it and so I did aliens and the background is galaxy black and red. Because I like those colors and the aliens are a dark sea green and a magenta purple.

The first thing I did is I measured my wood then I cut my wood to size.

Here you can see a picture of my cut wood.

The second thing I did was I clamped my wood in the wood clamp and put glue in the corners where they match up.

The third thing I did was I streched my canvas over my wood after it was set.

Then I put water into the back of my canvas and let it dry then I sketched my drawing then I started painting

This is what my painting looks like now and the finished product

My Art

This is a drawing I drew I saw something like this and it inspired me so I drew something like it.

This is one of my favorite drawing I saw a picture on line that was a person doing this position and I liked it so I drew her and this is what it ended up looking like.

This is inspired by the nightmare before Christmas so I drew them as cartoon characters.

This is a unicorn I drew and it is rainbow and pink

This is a unicorn I saw a coloring book and inside was this unicorn so then I drew the unicorn and colored it.