Fatima’s Art Gallery

My name is Fatima. My

painting was inspired by the

Cheshire cat in the newer

versions of Alice In

Wonderland. To see my

other sketches Click Here .

The first step in making the canvas for the painting

was measuring the wood so I could cut it.

The next step was cutting the wood with the saw. After I

cut it I sanded the edges to make sure it was smooth and


After the wood was cut I assembled the frame then I

clamped it down and tightened it using the stretcher

bars. When it was clamped I put the glue in between

the cracks.

When the frame was dry I cut the canvas to the right size

and stapled it on the frame. Once the frame was stapled

I poured water on the back to help tighten the canvas.

When the canvas was dry I was able to sketch my

drawing and start painting.

This was the final painting.