Before coming to IHM I never really drew. After coming to IHM for two years as a seventh grader and as an eighth grader my drawing and painting skills have improved immensely. Before I could barely draw objects in three dimensions. Now I can draw buildings realistically using one, two, or three point perspective.

Kevin's Art

Every Monday for our Art class we have to create a sketch to show to the class. For one class I created a silo with two hills in the back round featured on the left. To make it first I made the silo then I made the two hills in the back round. I then made the fence and shaded everything on the left side showing that the light source is on the right.

When we started our paintings we had to create a rough sketch. To draw mine it took two hours after trying three different times. To draw it I used three point perspective meaning all the lines in it lead to one point. This gives a bird's eye view of a scene.

First for our paintings we measured the dimensions of our original drawings and multiplied them by the same number. We did this so that they would be prepositional to our paintings. We then cut them out and glued the wooden pieces together.

Second we stapled our canvas to our frame. After stapling the canvas to the frame we poured water onto the back of the canvas to tighten it. This was important because if we did not the canvas would be to loose.

To paint our paintings we used a thick pigment that when combined with linseed oil would become thinner so that it could be used to paint. This way of painting is time consuming because the paint takes a long time to dry. If the paint gets on your clothes it is very hard to remove. To wash our brushes we had to use lots of soap to clean them of the pigments.