When I first started drawing I was bad and didn't know what to do, but after some practice I was able to draw better things like cars or perspective. When I was drawing the pictures here I was OK at drawing but still not the best. Recently we were doing oil paintings and it really got me thinking. What can I do with perspective and roads? I was doing good at first but after a while I started noticing that things were not as good as the sketch. So I started a sunset, it looked good, but still something was missing so I added some more color to the sunset. After adding color I got help from Dr. Maynord with blending the two colors together. In the future I want to be able to draw cars and make them look good, and when I’m done with them I will hang them up on a wall or something.

This is a ninja at a town trying to lift a sword, but the ninja should get a “meme”bership to anytime fitness.

This is the start of a road to a sunset in 1885.

Hope to see Doc Brown.

This is a highway that goes into the future,

maybe even Narnia.

This is a 3d car and it isn't my best but could be

better, but the five year old in me thinks it is awesome:)

This is the Lorax’s house with a truffula tree in

the background.