Lucy’s Art Gallery

My name is Lucy and this is my website, over the past three years my artwork has been inspired by many different things such as animals and nature, I have also been working on an oil painting to see the process of stretching the canvas and painting it scroll down.

This is a sketch that I drew from looking at a picture.

This is sketch that I call “Dark Destiny” because it seems dark and mysterious.

This a sketch called “Cherry Blossom,” it is inspired by a poem written by Cheyenne Raine.

This sketch is also inspired by a picture that I found on the internet.

First I cut my stretcher bars, two to 15 inches and the other two to 19 inches.

Next I sanded and glued my bars.

Right after that I used the band clamp to keep my frame in place while the glue dried.

The next day I cut out my canvas with four extra inches around each side, then I stapled the canvas to the frame.

After my canvas was stapled I stretched it using warm water, I left it to stretch overnight.

The next day I was able to start sketching my design in red pencil, after I sketched my design I started painting the background. After the background was painted I started adding more details to the girl in the painting.