My name is Sandra. I love to draw and paint things, but unlike many people I trace most of my sketches. I have been working on my painting for a long time! It was a complicated process and I learned a lot. Click Here to see my past artwork, which includes animals, cars and childhood memories. I also do tracing, shading and coloring. ENJOY

The process to make my masterpiece

The first thing I did was cut my frame. It is made from wood that I had to cut and measure.

I then had to stretch my canvas across the wood. To make the canvas titer I had to put water in it and when it evaporated the canvas was tighter around the wood.

After the canvas was ready I sketched my mushroom with a red color pencil.

Then finally started painting! This is what my painting looked like
before I painted my sky.

Finally, my painting is complete!

This is what it now looks like.