Sarahy’s Art Gallery

My name is Sarahy and this is my art website. I was inspired by things that are pretty and easy to draw. Click here to see my drawings of the past three years. My painting was inspired by the elements fire and water. Scroll down to see the steps for my final painting.

The first step of making a canvas is measuring

the wood to the size you want your canvas.

After measuring the wood, I cut it with the saw. When the wood was cut I sand it so the edges were smooth and would fit together.

Next I put the it the shape of my frame and clamp it down with the web clamp. Then I put wood glue on the cracks and then tighten it and leave it until it’s dry.

Then when the frame was dry I cut out a big square of canvas and stretched it over the frame and stapled it. Then I pour water in the canvas to prevent it from getting loose.

Then I sketched the drawing to the canvas once it was dry.

This is my final painting!