Sammy’s Art Gallery

My Artist Statement
My name is Sammy and this is some of my middle school artwork. I like playing video games and reading so most of my drawings are based on games and books. My oil painting is based off an "Elite Agent" from a game I play called "Fortnite". 
This is my animated gif. It is about an explosion that can be seen from space.
This is a video of some of my artwork throughout middle school.
This is my name but animated through LibreOffice Draw".

My process in drawing my oil painting.

Pictures of my oil painting.

This is my original sketch that my painting is based on.
This is a re-drawn sketch but colored in.
This is me cutting my wood.
This is after cutting the wood and then gluing it together. The white underneath it is canvas which will soon be stapled onto the wood.
This is the burnt sienna imprimatura outline.
This is a little more added to the imprimatura.
This is a start to coloring the painting.
This is my final oil painting.
This is the charachter that my oil painting has been based on. elite pic

These are my sketch descriptions.

These are some of my sketches throughout middle school.
This is a vending machine, from a video game, that sells power-ups. vend
This sketch is based off my dog Cocoa. dog
I drew this sketch during a study hall. It is a character form a video game. drift
I drew this after re-reading "The Hatchet" a third time. axe
This is my favorite art technique. art
This is a supply drop from my favorite video game. drop
I drew this after watching "The Meg". meg