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by Emily Bautista -

Why you should visit Barbados in 2018English: The picture is pretty.

Spanish: La foto esta bonita.

German: Das Bild ist hübsch.

French: L'image est jolie.

Jamaika ist sexy

by Stanley Payne -
E: Jamaica's flag is green, yellow, and black.
F: Le drapeau de la Jamaïque est vert, jaune et noir.  Cool video of Jamaica:
G: Jamaikas Flagge ist grün, gelb und schwarz.
S: La bandera de Jamaica es verde, amarilla y negra.

Human documentary

by Jonathan Webb -

What I found interesting was the way they transport items. I also found the interviews interesting.Camel

Human Documentary-- Learned

by Stephen Hoang -

When they talked about their stories and how they lived it was interesting to hear their point of views. There was different views about rich and poor. They also told us about how they murdered their husbands, or married their "colleagues" which changed their lives. 

dead husband

So I mean, I thought this was VERY INTERESTING.