3-5 Distance Learning Week 1

Hello, students! I miss making music with you in person, and look forward to seeing you all again very soon. I hope that you’ve been practicing your recorder, and making music with your families. Below are the things I want you to do this week. Check this space often for more musical activities.

All my love, Mrs. Binzak

Activity 1 – Beat Keeping

Choose a song from the Beat Keeping youtube playlist. While you listen, move your body or tap different places to feel the beat. Use NON-LOCOMOTOR movements for this activity. Include other members of your family if you wish, and pass the beat leadership around the group.

Activity 2 – Voice Warm Up

Choose a video from the Vocal Warm Ups youtube playlist. While you listen, use your voice along with the video and get warmed up for singing.

Activity 3 – Recorder 

Choose a video or two from the Recorder youtube playlist to watch. Comment below with what you saw, and what you thought of it. 

After watching, practice some songs from your belt testing sheets. Check the RECORDER page for the songs by level, and for more advanced practice. Comment below with what you played, and for how long. (Aim for 10 min per day or 30 min per week!)

Activity 4 – Fun and Games

Choose a game or activity from the Fun and Games youtube playlist, and have fun being musical at home! There are a variety of choices including body percussion, singing games, and ear training activities. You can do them alone or with your family. Included are some folk dances that we have learned in class; take your turn being the teacher and show your siblings or parents how to dance!

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  1. i like the recorder Mario song and baby song

  2. Hi Mrs Binzak, just letting you know that the recorder playlist link isn’t working!

    -Audra E.

    1. Thanks, Audra – it should be fixed now! – Mrs. Binzak

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