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Prince Edward Island, Canada

by Morgan Normington -


Canada’s smallest province is also its most densely populated, which is emblematic of how much there is to do on Prince Edward Island. Known as both the Garden of the Gulf and Cradle of Confederation, it's as verdant as it is historic — you can read about it in a book if you like, but wouldn’t you rather, one day, see what makes it so incredible in person?

Canberra Australia

by Valeskha Gonzales-Intriago -

Fun Fact:
Nicknamed the "Bush Capital," Canberra was a planned city born from a compromise between Melbourne and Sydney, both of which wanted to be the nation’s capital.
1-Canberra est magnifique.
2-Canberra n'est pas laide.
3-Canberra est-elle grande?
4-C'est énorme.
1-Canberra is beautiful.
2-Canberra is not ugly.
3-Is Canberra big?
4-It is big.
1-Canberra es hermosa.
2-Canberra no es fea.
3-Es Canberra grande.
4- Es grande.

climate not map
au ca

Glasgow, Scotland

by Nohemi Estrada-Olivas -


Glasgow, Scotland is considered the “Second City of the British Empire because of the Victorian architecture being ubiquitous, as well as the museums and galleries. Glasgow means “Dear Green Place” in Gaelic. It is recommended to travel July-August because of the weather. Glasgow has an average of 167 rainy days per year. Glasgow Necropolis, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, and Sherbrooke Castle Hotel are all places you should visit.

Glasgow a une moyenne de 167 jours de pluie par an.


Warsaw, Poland

by Liam Genne -



Warsaw at Night


Warsaw, Poland


Before World War II, Warsaw was revered as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. After being razed during the fighting, it rose from the ashes and reemerged as a global destination. Though often overlooked for the likes of Rome and Berlin, Poland’s capital and largest city still burns bright. The city has many enriching museums devoted to everything from the Warsaw Uprising to beloved composer Fryderyk Chopin. It also has the Polish Vodka Museum, which is exactly what it sounds like — and more. In addition to being fun for obvious reasons (including vodka tasting, naturally), the museum shines a light on grain liquor’s role in shaping what we think of as “Polishness.”

Fun Fact:
The Warsaw Radio Mast was the tallest structure ever built until it collapsed due to heavy winds while being maintained in 1991.

German Sentence:
Warschau ist wunderbar.

Provence, France

by Stephen Hoang -

Provence, France (Stephen Hoang)

-Fun Fact: Provence got it's name from the Romans, who originally called it Provincia Romona.

-Provence is home to Nice that has French Riviera. Provence is famous for it's Lavender Fields.

E: Provence is beautiful.
F: La Provence est magnifique.

E: The weather is wonderful.
F: Le temps est magnifique.

Provence Map
Map of Provence and Travel Guide to One of the Most Loved ...

World Map | N 44.01° / E 6.21°

Lavender Field: Sénanque Abbey, dating back to 1148

Weather May-June

Gorge du Verdon Lac Ste Croix


um thing... (Mal)

by Charley McGree -

Le froid est incroyable
Le vendredi est mon jour préféré.
Octobre est mon anniversaire.

Best French Blog: Les jours de la semaine
Le temps chaud est-il cool ?
Le lundi est-il le préféré de quelqu'un ?
Est-ce que décembre est chaud ?

It's October yall freetoedit aesthetic fall...
Non, il ne l'est pas.
Non, le lundi n'est le préféré de personne.
Non, il ne l'est pa

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