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india cast system

by Robert Kirschbaum -

In the film i found interesting that The worker didn't have a home in the start but he skilled up and builded a house. around his neighborhood they had a church with a priest and singing christian songs.

The two men have been living by themselves, but they didn't care about the low quality bed. The vegitarians does not eat meat because they haven't tried any meat.

form what the film shows is that the Indians had poor materials and people were christians who ask God's support.Church Photos - Indian Creek Baptist Church | 5 photos


by Julia Ladik -

English- The banjos are different.

French- Les banjos sont différents.

German- Die Banjos sind anders.

Spanish- Los banjos son diferentes.

Craft Revival: Shaping Western North Carolina Past and Present

Banjo documenary

by Illyana Keane -

E: He can play African music

F:Il peut jouer de la musique africaine

G:Er kann afrikanische Musik spielen

S:Puede tocar música africana

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by Kolton Cummings -
The African musicians were better than the man.
Die afrikanischen Musiker waren besser als der Mann.
Los músicos africanos eran mejores que el hombre.
Les musiciens africains étaient meilleurs que l’homme.
The Banjo's Roots, Reconsidered : NPR